Forteau Bay Cottages

Forteau Bay Cottages

Things to Do

Here are some popular activities in and around the town of Forteau. For a broader perspective of our region see our Labrador Coastal Drive page.


Forteau Beach

A short walking trail leads from our cottages to the sandy beach that rings Forteau Bay. Along the way is a picnic area maintained by the 50+ Club of Forteau. On the beach you'll find an array of shells, starfish, sand dollars, sea urchins, sea glass and, if you are fortunate, perhaps some "ballast flint" (flint from European beaches used historically as ballast in ships travelling to Labrador) or even a mermaid's purse!


Whale Watching & Iceberg Viewing

Several species of whales are frequent visitors to Forteau Bay. Perhaps the most spectacular are the large humpbacks who breech and dive as they feed.

Icebergs are often seen in the bay in early summer as they are carried south along the coast by the Labrador current.



Forteau Bay is home to a large variety of birds and provides great opportunities for birdwatching. Check out this species list compiled by one of our local bird watchers!


Walking & Hiking

The Labrador Pioneer Footpath is a hiking trail which follows the traditional route used to travel between communities in our region, before the days of roads and automobiles.


Berry Picking

Berry picking is a popular activity in Forteau for visitors and local residents alike. In late summer the cloudberries ripen on the marshes. Known locally as bakeapplies, they lend their name to the Bakeapple Folk Festival held in August each year. Later in the fall the ligonberries are ready for picking on the barrens. These berries are known locally as redberries or partridgeberries.


Sport Fishing

Forteau River, which flows into the bay a short distance from Forteau Bay Cottages, is a licensed Atlantic salmon river. The Pinware River is another licensed salmon river and is about a half-hour drive from Forteau. A license and a local guide are required to fish these rivers. If you're interested in salmon angling during your stay at Forteau Bay Cottages we can help with the necessary arrangements.

Brook trout and speckled trout are found in the streams and ponds around Forteau, and provide another opportunity for angling enthusiasts.


Discover History at Point Amour Lighthouse

Established in the mid-19th century to serve the newly-estabished steamship route through the Strait of Bell Isle, Point Amour Lighthouse is now an historic site and remains a working lighthouse. Extensive exhibits and awesome interpretors present the history of the southern Labrador coast. Learn more at

On the way to Point Amour you'll find the Maritime Archaic burial mound at L'Anse Amour. Now a National Historic Site, this stone mound marks the burial of a young boy some 7,500 years ago.


Winter Fun!

Forteau is a great place for winter activites, including snowmobiling, ice-fishing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

The Basque Whalers Snowmobile Club maintains a groomed snowmobile trail through our region of Labrador. The trail is readily accessible from Forteau Bay Cottages (and yes, we are open year-round!)

The Mount Nascopi Ski Club maintains cross-country ski trails and snowshoe trails in Forteau and a day-lodge for participants. There's also a tubing hill that's popular with young people.

Forteau Bay Cottages